I wake up after nursing my toddler and head downstairs. I make tea and eat my eggs standing (because if I sit I might not get up again for a looong time). Kiss hubby good-bye. Feed the dog, let him out to do his business. Talk to my big kid about plans for the day and change diaper on the little guy. If I have time I do a workout video. Head upstairs and do my 5 minute breast massage and 5-10 minute jade egg exercises before hitting the shower and rushing off into my day.


What? Breast massage? Not checking your breast for lumps, but actual massage? Jade egg what?

Breasts are made up of fat tissue, which stores toxins. Simple daily massage can increase circulation and help flush out toxins from your breasts. Plus it feels good. Just like massaging other area’s of your body, say your neck or shoulders, feels good. Many women are disconnected to their body’s, but more so the parts they don’t like… breasts, thighs, vagina’s. You don’t think of those parts you don’t care much about. Touch is healing. Its been proven over and over. If you don’t believe me just try it out for a week and see how you feel. Its 5 minutes of your morning!

Now the jade egg. The jade egg has been a life altering tool for me! It is a jade stone in the shape of an egg with a hole drilled in the center. You attach string through the hole and around the jade egg, the other end is attached to a small bag. You can place weights in the bag. I took Kim Anami’s jade egg workshop several years ago. She was passionate in such a way as being contagious. I was blown away by all that I learned! Not only does it help to strengthen my vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, but it re-connects me to my body. Click on the picture below because Kim Anami is offering an 8 week online course on how to use the jade egg and includes your own jade egg set up (a jade egg, silk string, silk bag, and stone for weight)! Its starting soon, at the end of January 2014, so sign up for her newsletter and get reconnected to your vagina and all its potential! It is the only vagina you will ever have, so use it and love it!

Vaginal Kung Fu


I hear it all the time while talking to a group of moms. How many of them leak when they laugh, cough, or jump. I also hear how sex has turned painful. Pay attention: JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING IS COMMON DOES NOT MEAN IT IS HEALTHY! When you experience pain it is a signal from your body, either to listen carefully or to stop and get help. The vagina and pelvic floor are no different. I am writing this because there are easy, affordable ways to avoid or heal these issues! Here are some things every woman needs to know RIGHT NOW:

1. What your pelvic floor is and the basics to how it works. Pelvic Floor Basics

2. What exercises are harmful to your pelvic floor and what exercises benefit it.

One of my favorite workouts is Pfilates (no that is not misspelled). I love this DVD because its short (only 15 minutes), easy, and very effective. I still do yoga and pilates, I simply avoid all exercises that put pressure on my stomach muscles being pushed apart and heavy jumping/stress to my pelvic floor.

3. If you have a separation in your stomach muscles (dyastasis recti) you should see a pelvic floor physiotherapist asap! This is a bit more about what they are and do: http://pelvicguru.com/2013/12/28/what-is-pelvic-physical-therapy-and-why-doesnt-everyone-know-about-it/  If you have any pain in your pelvic floor (vulva, vagina, perineum, anus) you should see a pelvic floor physiotherapist. If you have given birth you should see a pelvic floor physiotherapist (regardless of how you gave birth and how you feel). Get the idea? Look one up near you. See one after every birth. http://www.pelviennewellness.com/pages/find-a-physio

How do you spend your mornings?