Its no secret that the best for baby is breastfeeding. Bonus is that breastfeeding is also good for mom’s mental and physical health too. When couples plan on breastfeeding they may take a breastfeeding course, read a few books, and maybe buy a breastfeeding pillow (I love laid back breastfeeding that needs pillows only to support mom!). One of the best ways to support breastfeeding that many overlook, especially in the early days, is bellybinding or gentle abdominal support. Regardless of how you birthed, pregnancy changes your posture and affects your muscles and joints, including your pelvic floor. During recovery it is beyond vital to support and educate your body on how to sit, stand, and walk.

After giving birth your stomach is stretched out from growing a small human. Your body worked hard on making room and supporting the growth of this person, and now your internal organs and muscles of the stomach have been misplaced. It takes time to grow a person, and it takes time to recover from birth!

The time when many mothers do the most damage to their bodies is the first few weeks after birth while they are working hard on breastfeeding. In the hubbub of getting breastfeeding started or managing any challenges, many mothers neglect their bodies. We contort ourselves in various positions with our shoulders rolled forward and our backs hunched (if we are sitting) or arched (if we are side lying). We become consumed with getting that breast into that baby and forget all about what this does to our new mom body. Bellybinding is a simple solution to supporting mothers healing from birth and breastfeeding her baby.

Bellybinding soon after birth:

  • Encourages organs to go back into pre-pregnancy place sooner (including the involution of the uterus)
  • Decreases postpartum bleeding time and postpartum “mom” belly
  • Helps to pull separated abdominal muscles back together (Diastasis Recti)
  • Supports spine and posture realignment (no “nursing slouch”)