Breastfeeding Support


I am an IBCLC with more than 120 hours of lactation specific education (read more about what an IBCLC is: Impact of Breastfeeding). Below you will find details on the different ways in which I can support you.

Nursing Counseling

A private assessment for you and your baby to determine the best way to support your continued journey in nursing! As breastfeeding and baby are constantly changing, concerns can pop up. After a full history, I will observe you nursing and support you with comfortable positioning and latch. I will gather information to put together an effective plan that you will find sustainable.


Concerns for support could include:

  • Issues with latch, nipple or breast pain
  • Issues related to tongue and/or lip ties
  • Slow weight gain
  • Supply issues (low supply or oversupply)
  • Pumping and feeding expressed milk (or supplement)
  • Recurrent plugged ducts, mastitis

Your Supported Start to Nursing

A class to give you the confidence and knowledge to navigate the beginning of your nursing journey! Check out some tips here: A Conscious Beginning to Breastfeeding.

What is included:

  • 2 hour Prepare to Nurse class (if the office location/time doesn’t work for you consider hosting a class in your home. Ideally scheduled between weeks 32-34. Discounts given if  you host another couple!)
  • Resources for what to expect the first few hours through the first 6 weeks
  • Tips on how to support an ideal environment (including skin to skin, baby led parent guided latch, and various positions)
  • How to read baby’s hunger cues
  • Managing your milk supply and knowing how baby is getting enough milk
  • Information about safe sleeping arrangements and nursing
  • When to ask for more support
  • Sign up for the next class HERE

I want to let moms know that there are people available to help ease the transition of becoming a mom. It was really important for me to be able to breastfeed my little one. I had an emergency c-section and a rough start with breastfeeding as my baby was not latching in the hospital or was taking a long time to latch and it was extremely painful. I had nurses try to help with little success. It was a very confusing and emotional time for me. I was fortunate to meet Roxanna Farnsworth through one of my friends. She is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, down to Earth and kind.  I wish I had hired her in the first few days. Roxanna came to my house, immediately assessed my little guy with a tongue tie, recommended two places to get the revision done, and gave me answers to my many questions. Within two weeks of seeing Roxanna, my little guy had a revision and after a followup appointment with Roxanna, was latching beautifully. I went from exclusively pumping and bottle feeding to exclusively breast feeding. Breastfeeding is tough without all the hurdles that may come up. I highly recommend hiring Roxanna if you are having feeding challenges. She is an amazing woman.


I just want to say how invaluable your help has been for both M and me. We had seen many “experts” before you and none of them were able to figure out what was going on for her. And yet, within the first 2 minutes of your first visit, you nailed the issue right away! I feel like a whole new mother now – I am much more relaxed, and can confidently and enjoyably feed my baby, and watch her enjoy breastfeeding! Thank you again for everything. You are amazing at what you do!

Baby and I are both doing great with no shield! I couldn’t be happier that we saw you. Your advice saved us! I feel like I’m learning about a whole new baby because he isn’t super gassy and he is happy. Thank You!

Roxanna truly puts mom and baby first. She is so easy to talk to and always makes herself available to her clients. She’s kind and generous and is so incredibly knowledgeable on the topic of breastfeeding. She knows what questions to ask to cover all the bases at every session. And, she’s extremely thorough in how she addresses your concerns both during and after a visit. She always makes sure I leave the conversation feeling empowered with the knowledge I need to make the breastfeeding relationship with my baby the best it can be. You can’t ask for more than that in an LC. Our family is so blessed to work with Roxanna.

Roxanna was extremely friendly and easy to talk to. She was non-judgemental and offered wonderful advice. She heard out all of our concerns and was able to offer her support for whatever we needed. I would very highly recommend her.

I really want to thank you again for everything, I was very close to giving up on breastfeeding. This is pretty much the first time I have nursed and not felt any pain, so thank you!!
Grateful Mother