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I love being a parent; nourishing myself and family with real food, home learning with my 3 children, and doing my part to participate in conscious communities. My mission is to use my education and experience to support parents in making fully informed choices for their postpartum periods and nursing journeys.

About Roxanna

I am a parent of three children. Following the home birth of my first in January of 2009 I suffered from postpartum depression and struggled for months with nursing challenges. You can read his birth story here. My healing journey led me to discover the importance of the nursing relationship and the role of community in parenting. I became passionate about supporting families through the most important process of their lives: birth and the journey of becoming parents.

Alongside my own nursing experiences in 2009 I began to volunteer my time supporting others to meet their nursing goals through a non-profit organisation called La Leche League. Then I nourished my love for learning by becoming a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, and in April of 2016 I passed the exam to be an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I fell in love with the whole art and science of the breast/chest feeding relationship! I have found my degree in Social Work (completed in 2007) compliments my LC work very well in supporting nursing families with the foundation that the parent is the expert on their own body and baby. I am passionate about giving parents the information and support they need to make the best choices for their nursing journey.

I was more prepared and supported for my next two births. You can read and watch my second birth here and my third birth here.

You can see more about my RSW work here:


Why seek nursing support with A Conscious Beginning:

  • IBCLC (read more about what an IBCLC is: Impact of Breastfeeding).
  • Member of International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA).
  • Member of Canadian Lactation Consultant Association (CLCA).
  • Member of British Columbia Lactation Consultants Association.
  • Graduated from Seattle University with a Bachelor degree of Social Work in March 2007 (with an emphasis on child psychology and human development).
  • Involved and active with non-profit organization La Leche League since 2009.
  • Registered Social Worker #15229

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